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I grew up in Waterbury, Vermont where I still live and create today. I am inspired by the supportive and hardworking community that I am grateful to be a part of, and the beauty in the people and nature around me.


Coming from a family of tradesmen and creative people, I have always been a maker, and it's important to me that people know the work behind the piece they are wearing or giving because it is as sentimental to me as it may become to them or their loved one.


Since 2008 I have developed my skills as a self-taught metalsmith through countless hours of practice in my home studio. Every single piece I make is one that has been designed, fabricated and represented by one person: yours truly.

I approach my work as a trade as much as an art form. A design isn't only in the aesthetic, but also in the durability, craftsmanship, and in showing an understanding of my trade and the materials I use. I like that my hard work means so much more when it is worn by those who receive it.

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