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Welcome to the online store. Scroll below to shop from available online listings by collection. If you have something in mind that is not listed in the online store, please refer to the Events page of this site for a list of galleries, markets and shows where a more extensive collection of my work can be found, or consider inquiring about special orders. Thanks for taking a look!



A collection of big, bold and colorful earrings made of copper and brass with sterling silver earwires. This collection focuses on hammered textures, rustic patinas, and how the metals compliment each other when combined.



Small original drawings inspired by Vermont landscapes and nature are transferred to metal, intricately cut out by hand with a jeweler’s saw, and soldered together in layers, creating a tiny Vermont landscape to take with you. All colors are natural patinas created during the process.



One of a kind stones showcased in sterling silver settings, or the beauty of sterling silver standing on its own. Designed and fabricated by hand, one at a time, these pieces are meant to be rustic, bold statement pieces.




Genuine, faceted gemstones in sterling silver bezel settings, on hand-hammered bands. The brilliance of the faceted stones, paired with the rustic, textured metal makes for an eye-catching combination.


A place to easily and conveniently purchase your special orders and complete the transaction once your custom pieces are made.

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