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This hand-hammered, sterling silver pendant features American Turquoise, known for its color ranges of blues, greens, browns and blacks. Each silver design element of each pendant is made by hand and assembled/soldered together, including the hardware for each chain.


Each piece of Turquoise for these pendants have a different color, pattern, shape and sometimes slightly different sized stone. This variety is what makes American Turquoise so beauitful and part of what makes each pair one of a kind and uniquely yours.

American Turquoise Pendant - Wholesale - Design: Arrowhead

  • Material: Sterling silver, American Turquoise


    Size: Pendant measures approximately 2.75" from top of bale to bottom of pendant.  Each chain comes with adjustable lengths of 16", 18" and 20".


    Please note: Photos are a likeness only for the pieces you will receive. Each piece of American Turquoise varies in color, pattern, shape and slightly in size. Photos are used to provide an example of setting style for showcasing each one-of-a-kind piece of Turquoise.


    Please note: Jewelry cannot be accepted in return/exchange for broken stones. Turquoise is not an extraordinarily hard stone, and care must be taken to avoid hard contact with other surfaces that can cause it to crack, and damaging chemicals and detergents which can deteriorate the stone over time.


    Care instructions: Clean with a polishing cloth only, so as not to damage the stone or patina.

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